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World Class Protection

KAN is the first body protector specifically designed for women. Every Kan vest is custom fitted to each rider’s specific measurements.

What this means for you is outstanding comfort and protection. We have been able to achieve this through innovative design and the use of “Smart Foam Technology”, created by KNOX. Minimising the risk of serious injury is our #1 goal.

The KAN vest has received the highest performance standard from the British Equestrian Trade Association. (level 3). This means you can ride with confidence, knowing you have the kind of protection that is going to deliver when you need it most.


Trusted * Design * Comfort * Performance

3 Reasons why riders choose KAN

Peace of mind

The KAN Body Protector was designed with the highest certification merit in mind. Kan Body Protectors use “Smart Foam Technology” developed by Knox. This means, greater impact strength and protection than it’s PVC competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it…

KAN Body Protector has achieved the highest performance standard. It is approved for use by FEI, British Eventing, US Equestrian Federation as well as other organisations including. EI, BHS/Riding Club, AIRC, The Pony Club, Carriage Riding Club, AETA, SSA.

89% of riders surveyed agreed that KAN Body Protector is superior to other brands.

So whether you are a recreational rider or you ride professionally. You can rest assured that in the event of a fall, you are wearing the best protection available.


Breathing is so important, yet we can take it for granted.

The KAN Body Protector expands and contracts with a rider’s natural breathing and movement, which allows the rider to take a normal deep breath. This adds to the overall comfort and performance of the rider.

“This body protector allows me to breathe and maintain my own oxygen levels and performance; I find the Kan very comfortable and my movement is not restricted at all”

– Jeanette Brakewell
Olympic Medal Winner


By focusing exclusively on the needs of female riders, the KAN Body Protector, significantly reduces the risk of injury in the event of a fall.

Both Rider and Horse can achieve their optimum performance capabilities.

Wearing a KAN Body Protector allows the rider to be 100% confident and focused, because they know that they are wearing the best protection available!


View Our Range Of KAN Products And Accessories 


View Our Range Of KAN Products And Accessories 

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