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Keileigh more
KAN fan Keileigh More sent us this great feedback at the start of the year (2015), with an update in May.

Keileigh wrote:
Just thought I’d let you know that I’m delighted with my new KAN! Thank you very much. Fit feels good. It’s very comfortable! More comfortable than I expected it to be and I’ve had no issues fastening it up. Doesn’t feel too tight or restricting either. It did feel a little uncomfortable over my collarbone area but I put a padded dressing on to help with the discomfort and sensitivity. I’m having the plate and screws removed end of March so that should solve that problem.

First time back riding since my 3 month ban from surgeon and it felt so good to get back riding again. Lottie has been good so far but looking forward to getting us both fit again and out to some competitions!. My new KAN will never be off my back!

And in May:

My KAN has become like second skin! I wear it every time I ride Lottie, especially as my collarbone is still healing after the plate and screw removal operation.

Just wanted to say once again how delighted I am with my KAN and I can’t recommend these body protectors enough. They’re fantastic! My friend has already purchased one after me raving on about mine. Thanks again.

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