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Sports Technology award finalist

Kan Teq Ltd has been shortlisted for an inaugural Sports Technology award. Kan Teq owner Wendy Smyth said “I am delighted that the KAN body protector has been shortlisted for these awards.This is a culmination of many years of hard work bringing motorcycle technology, developed by Planet Knox, to the equestrian market.

Injuries to horse riders can be life ending, with serious injuries life changing. I know that the KAN body protector will contribute to reducing injury as it provides greater protection than more traditional body protectors.

With technology influencing sport like never before, The Sports Technology Awards reward and celebrate the best and most innovative technology advances within sport.

The awards are being judged by some of the biggest names in the industry including Olympians, World Cup winners, leading coaches and representatives from cutting-edge digital brands such as Twitter, BT and the BBC.

Rebecca Hopkins, Director of the Sport Technology Awards explained,

“The influence of technology on sport continues to grow and can often be invisible as it contributes in so many unseen ways. The Sports Technology Awards have been created as a showcase for the companies which enhance all elements of the sector and the response has been amazing.”

It is testament to the work of KAN body protectors that they fought off significant competition to make the shortlist.

What caught the judges eye?

The KAN equine body protector was developed to address a market need for a safer and performance enhancing protective vest for the equestrian athlete.

This safety vest uses both design and technology to produce a unique preformed body protector for female equestrians. It has been tested and proven to minimize the risk of injury to the torso due to falls, kicks and heavy point loaded impacts.

Innovative foam called KNOX HR is utilized for its superior impact absorption. The chemical properties in the KNOX foam also allow it to be moulded to shape providing a superior fit. The fabrics selected for the garment cover are also innovative with the outer tencel coated for abrasion resistance while the lining is “hydrophilic” to take moisture away.

Professional and amateur equestrians alike have testified to its performance enhancing and injury prevention abilities.

“The KAN is definitely not heavy in fact I do not notice it at all when I am wearing it. Anything to increase my safety while not interfering in any way with my performance is a hit with me”

Sonja Johnston Australian Olympic silver medal winner

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