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One of our favourite events! Blair Castle International Horse Trials, 24th – 27th August 2017.

Kan Teq are once again off to Blair Castle International Horse Trials. This Scottish event at the stunning Atholl estate in the Cairngorms, really is a highlight in our show season calendar. There is a fantastic atmosphere at Blair Castle International   horse trials and visit every year. We are currently packing up lots of stock of KANs and the lovely new Knox armour shirts. These are proving so popular and we sell out fast. The Action shirt contains armour made from Knox’s new Microlock technology. Super comfy to wear and slim they fit beautifully under a hunt coat or show jacket. Blair makes for a great opportunity so why not try one – come and visit us there!


Knox action shirt with armour in back, shoulders and elbows available at Blair Castle International Horse Trials


Consider a KAN body protector

Did you know that the KAN body protector is truly unique in the market? It uses armour that has been developed by Knox – market leaders in high impact armour systems, including motorbike, motorcross, skiing and equestrian. The foam is moulded making it supremely comfortable to wear. The KAN is made from Polyurethane. It is able to absorb and dissipate significantly more energy from impact that any other PVC Nitrile body protector available today.

Our dedicated team at Kan Teq are proud to promote the KAN body protector. It is fully approved for body protection and carries the EN13158:2009 level 3 certification. This unique amrour has recently been tested at the Polymer Process Research Centre at Queens University, Belfast, Ireland. The research findings showed the KNOX HR polyurethane exhibits:

1) greater impact strength,

2) a significantly higher dissipation of energy into the foam during compression

3) less body side deflection when loaded from the outer side than its pvc nitrile foam competitor.


KAN body protector available at Blair Castle International Horse Trials


Currently, the KAN body protector is the best shock absorbing and energy dispersing primary layer of protection a rider can choose. Add to this its custom fit, wearability and appealing design and this product is a desirable addition for all equestrians – no matter what riding discipline.

What riders say…

Customer feedback is tremendous and consistent. KAN wearers love their KAN and will not wear anything else. It is well worth the try so that you can feel the benefits for yourself.

I put my KAN to the ultimate test today while schooling my 4 yr old when he somersaulted and rolled over onto me. I heard my hat crack and he seemed to be on me for ages until he struggled to his feet. I knew I was ok but still had to wait for him to get up. When we both got to our feet I was truly amazed, delighted and enormously grateful that I had been wearing my KAN body protector” Nicola Wilson Team GBR

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