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The importance of breathing and the benefits a body protector that moves with you and not constricts you whilst riding are clear.

Breathing is something we all do, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Yet this banal observation belies a fascinating truth: we may all breathe but very few of us breathe as well as we could. Research shows that unborn babies are more efficient at breathing than adults. Indeed, we breathe best when we are least aware of it – when we are asleep.

Learning to improve our breathing is a brilliant way of coping with stress. Its free, simple and can be used instantly to calm us, whenever we feel unable to cope.

When we get distressed we breathe in a manner called chest breathing. The focus as the mane implies is around our chest: our breathing becomes shallow, irregular and rapid. Less air is able to reach our lungs and this in turn leads to an increased heart rate and greater muscle tension.

BreathingThe alternative form of breathing is known as diaphragmatic breathing. Rather than the emphasis being on our chest, we breathe with our diaphragm – a membrane is naturally taut and expands when we breathe in, gently moving back into place to help us breathe out.

Whereas chest breathing is shallow, irregular and rapid, diaphragmatic breathing is deep, even and loose and allows the respiratory system to work as effectively as possible (it does this by using the full amount of oxygen dioxide to be removed). As chest breathing leads to increased heart rate and muscle tension, diaphragmatic breathing lowers our heart rate and normalises our blood pressure.


The goal is to learn to breathe using our diaphragms. If we do that we can put our bodies into a state closer too relaxation rather than closer to stress.

ForTheRiderWithin Building confidence

Why is all this important?

Stress we carry in our bodies and can be easily transmitted to our pets and of course horses.  The more stress we carry, the less well we perform and the more our horse may pick up on our mental state.  To ride with complete comfort, ease and confidence, you need to feel in complete sync with your horse, have total control and faith in the tools that you are using and relying on, you horse, your tack, your helmet, you body protector.  At Kan Teq we understand that #CommitmentIsEverything and we design our products with this and the riders safety in the forefront of our mind Jeanette Brakewell on Lets Dance

The Kan is the body protector that lets you breathe with complete freedom when out riding, you will not even notice you are wearing it.  Customers state that the Kan, ‘fits like a glove‘ and lets them move with total confidence, freedom and without any constriction to their breathing.

At Kan Teq we make our protectors with our customers in every detail, their safety in the forefront and their ability to perform. #ForTheRiderWithin  #SafetyInEveryDetail.

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and enjoy the confidence that a Kan gives you and fall  in love with the product that is three times better than the rest.

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