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video testimonial – I know I would be in a wheelchair if I hadn’t been wearing my KAN!

In the video testimonial, Denise Gregor shows us the exact spot where she recently fell off her horse. She landed on a large rock whilst out hacking. She believes if she hadn’t been wearing her KAN body protector, she would now be in a wheelchair. As a nurse, Denise really understands the risk of injury she could have sustained. She was very glad she wearing her KAN and wants to tell her story. Thank you Denise for sharing with us.

The KAN is a unique, pre-formed body protector for female horse riders. It is worn to minimise the risk of injury to the torso due to falls, kicks and heavy, point loaded impacts. It enhances performance because it aids good posture, is supportive and extremely comfortable to wear across all riding disciplines.

Decreasing rider injuries

The KAN was conceived in 2004. Company Director /Designer Wendy Smyth used  knowledge acquired from her experience developing bullet proof vests for military and police, to engineer a body protector that any equestrian would want to wear. Therefore, this protector had to solve the issue of decreasing athlete injuries, increasing athletic performance and ensuring overall athlete comfort.

Initial answers came through the sport of motor cycling specifically from Planet Knox.  This is a specialist brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of impact protection. Knox are the leading OEM supplier to motorcycle clothing brands over the last 25 years. Knox foam was combined with Wendy’s performance design to develop the KAN body protector.

video testimonial Knox HR foam

It took four years of product development and testing, to create the KAN. Most noteworthy, it has attained the European Safety Standard for Equestrian body protectors EN: 13158 2009 level 3 and BETA level 3.  Furthermore, the KAN has since earned an impressive reputation in the UK as the ultimate in impact protection. This reputation is backed up with scientific testing and real-life testimonials.

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