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KAN body protectors use KNOX motorcycle foam technology - 20 percent more shock absorbent than regular foam.

From its inception through its three year design process the KAN body protector was designed with the highest certification merit in mind.

The Kan body protector is exclusively designed to meet the needs of female riders combining the perfect fit with the highest levels of protection.

The fit of the KAN vest is unique as it actually enhances athletic performance thus encouraging the rider to wear and benefit from its ultimate protection for all equine activities

Perfect Fit

As the KAN is custom fit, we like to go the extra mile and follow up each order with a direct email and phone call. All aspects of your biometrics and usage are taken into consideration so that we get the fit right each time. We can also discuss adjustment of the garment and technical information.

We need to know the following: –

  • height
  • natural waist (next to skin not jean or jodphur size)
  • bra size e,g. 34 B
  • age
  • usual dress size
  • nape to waist
  • nape to coccyx
  • riding activity
  • do you suffer from asthma?
  • have you any old injuries to torso or collarbone?
Ensuring that your KAN is a proper fit

Firstly if you ever have ANY questions about your Kan or the fit please <a style=”font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5em;” href=””>get in touch</a> with us and we will make sure you are completely happy with the fit, we believe that if your body protector is correctly fitted you should hardly know you are wearing it.

If you have a Kan Body protector and want to check that the fit is good there is a few things to look out for : –

1. First of all the effort of&nbsp;<strong>zipping up&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;does take a bit of getting used to but this video explains how to do it –

<iframe src=”//” height=”315″ width=”420″ allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

The first thing to do is hook your thumbs into the armhole of the KAN and push the panels towards each other &nbsp;you will actually lift the foam fronts off your chest and push towards your centre front. &nbsp;They should meet without squeezing you, but you should feel a little effort. The garment is supposed to be close contact but must not make you uncomfortable. Please ask someone to zip you up for the first time as we would prefer you to focus on fit rather than getting the knack of the zip at this stage!

2.If the fronts don’t meet at the base, where the zip begins – it is simply too small, but you do need to stretch the material of the cover when lifting the fronts to try to make them meet.

3.Once successfully zipped &nbsp;<strong>take a very deep diaphragmatic breath&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;and feel your ribs push out against the foam shell &nbsp; you will feel it expand (unless it is too big of course). The feeling of pushing into the shell should be reassuring and good. The elastic cover lets the foams tighten and relax with each breath. Ensure that &nbsp;the shell &nbsp;covers the entire rib cage and drops &nbsp;below the bottom ribs.

4.The KAN that we have sent to you has never been tried on before so &nbsp;<strong>it will feel tight &nbsp;</strong>at the start; however please bear in mind that your KAN will stretch after a very short space of time. It is designed to be very close contact similar to the fitting of your riding hat. If you suffer from asthma we would always recommend a larger size, hopefully all that has been established in the fit stage, please call if you are unsure.

5. Our moulded foam parts which make up the shock absorbing layer in the KAN have been manufactured by Knox &nbsp; motorbike armour specialists, the company is based in Cumbria. The fact that the panels are contoured to the body ensures fantastic fit and ultimate protection. So the next thing to check is that &nbsp;<strong>the shaped back foam panel matches the curves of your back&nbsp;</strong>i.e. in the small of your back you feel a supporting shape of the Knox back panel particularly in the hollow. Please don’t focus on the back length yet, which is the easiest adjustment of the lot. If the small of your back does not feel a match with the moulded back please adjust the shoulder to ensure that the contact is good.

6. If it all fits then you are good to go &nbsp;we ask you to trust that &nbsp;<strong>the length of this body protector can be longer than others</strong>. The body protector should not hit the cantle of the saddle while riding, but if it does &nbsp;please call or email &nbsp;this is SO EASY to fix

Nape to Waist measurement

Nape to waist measurement

This is only necessary when establishing if the body length is regular or long. A regular length of back measures around 15 to 16 ½ whereas a long back will measure 17 to 18 &nbsp;½..

Measure from the base of the neck at the back to the natural waist. The nape is the sticky out bone where the line of a classic styled T shirt would sit. The waist line is the narrowest part of the torso, in line with the belly button

Here's what our customers think of our fitting service

We are thrilled to be able to fit people all over the world and to have such brilliant feedback: –

Hi Wendy,
Have just had my back protector arrive today- and absolutely love how it fits- havent found one that fits me length wise before and still manages to let me move around in! Thankyou so much for all you’ve done, I honestly could not have had a better experience through you guys!

Hi Wendy, It’s arrived! It’s amazing, fits perfectly and I feel I could go intobattle it is so strong. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.
Nicola. Sussex

Thought I should pop back in again and let you know that I finally was able to ride in my vest…it was wonderful!! Being able to ride again, of course, but the vest seems to be almost perfect. 

You are amazing, fitting my so well from such great distance…and so is your product. I thought that I would find it cumbersome, but as you said, it’s not. Riding in it is believing. It still seems snug, but less so then originally, again as you said, and I can breathe in it.

I have a clinic here at the end of Feb and the clinician is truly excited to see this vest. I’ve already begun to show it to clients and others coming to the barn. I think it is a marvel myself and am proud to show everyone that I’ve finally wised up.  Never too late, I guess. I love, love, love my vest!
Laura Warren USA

Just to say that the body protector you sent me is excellent – fits well and is very comfortable, as well as being the nearest thing to chic that such a functional item can be! Went for a 4 hour hill/ endurance ride in it at the weekend and still felt comfortable – keeps me warm too.
Good product, many thanks

See how we fit the KAN here.

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