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Filming at Lusk Equestrian July 2018

On a very warm day in mid July we went to the fantastic livery yard in Co. Down of Lusk Equestrian and what a glorious location to film the lovely Sarah Irvine being fitted and trying out the KAN body Protector.

“You really don’t know you are wearing it…it fits like a glove.  I can’t believe how much it really moves with you and holds you in a secure position, which is vital for cross country.”

Wendy demonstrated the way in which the KAN really works with the rider, by the bespoke fitting and measuring of the owner to create the perfectly fitted body protector.  The removal covers given that extra level of personalisation, and who doesnt love to co-ordinate with their riding gear.  With the added bonus of being able to easily remove these covers for cleaning and the ability to wipedown the smart foam, meaning the KAN is kept easily fresh and clean becuase who wants to wear and smell and muddy, sweaty body protector.

Also whilst in the picturesque rolling hills of the lovely County Down countryside, we put Sarah and horse Harry through their paces, over the jumps, through the water and round a little bit of  cross country (it had been one of the hottest June and Julys on record here so the ground was vary hard).  Sarah stated that the KAN really holds you in a secure position and therefore when riding you can hold your postion in the sadle well nad that the small curve “at the back just supports you that much more”.

Sarah recently competed as Lusk and we are hoping to catch up with her at Antrim later in the summer to hear how she got on ‘test driving ‘ the KAN because we believe that with a KAN you CAN and hope Sarah truely does!


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