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The team from KAN body protectors will be at Rolex International Horse Trials in Kentucky three day event this year.

Running from April 23 – 26, the famous event will see riders from across the world take on the eventing challenge.

KAN designer Wendy Smyth said,

“KAN body protectors are delighted to be at Rolex again. We love the opportunity to meet our American cousins and explain the technology behind the KAN that ensures maximum protection in the event of a fall. KAN ambassadors include Colleen Rutledge and Liz Halliday Sharp who both have had serious falls and believe the KAN vest did its job and offered them the maximum protection possible.

“In addition, we will be cheering on KAN ambassador Nicola Wilson. Nicola, a long time supporter of KAN body protectors is competing on Watermill Vision and Annie Clover”.

The KAn vest sits apart from the competition as the armour is made from a polyurethane foam. This does not degrade on impact. It is also uniquely moulded and is body shaped. Offering accommodation for a variety of bust sizes and back lengths, it supports the spine and torso. The rider can breathe deeply and maintain oxygen levels when the going gets tough due to the expanding sides for the KAN.

We are looking to expand our distribution into the USA. We are actively seeking new re sellers to join our team in representing this technologically advanced product, which is loved by all who wear and trust their KAN vests. They truly wouldn’t wear anything else!

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