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A Bespoke Equestrian Body Protector. We know what it means to have the confidence to ride, we also know what it’s like when that confidence is knocked due to an accident.  Serious injury, the feeling of insecurity and no confidence to literally get back on that horse, can put the brakes on any real progress in training.

But what is it like when you have to rebuild from scratch?  To learn how to use your body again and learn to walk again never mind getting back in the saddle?  We talked with Michelle Scully all away across the pond about her journey from rebuilding her body, learning to walk, getting on a horse and  back to riding with confidence.

Michelle had an incredibly serious accident where she was left to crawl for some distance back to her house in the failing light, all whilst worrying about her beloved horse.  Not knowing exactly what had happened when he horse reared up and she fell off her.  Landing awkwardly and worrying how she would get herself and her horse back

Michelle has written the most detailed and heart warming book about her accident, her journey to recovery and the part that Kan Teq’s creator and founder Wendy Smith played in her recovery with the help of the KAN body protector.  Read here to find out more, you can also follow her on facebook at the following link.

About Author Michelle R. Scully

Broken, Tales of a Titanium Cowgirl shares the journey of Michelle Scully’s calamitous riding accident and devastating injury. But, it also provides a panorama of her path of deep personal discovery as she unexpectedly finds herself in an unexpectedly joyful journey of recovery. Love of horses started her journey, and love of horses and horsemanship spur on her personal quest to heal in body and soul.
Broken, Tales of a Titanium Cowgirl is a journey of wreck, wonder, and recovery filled with tales of horses, brokenness, faith, dogs, nature, riding, and redemption. Michelle’s good humour and earnest insights will touch your heart and encourage you, whether you’ve ever fallen off a horse or not.

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