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The Kan body protector is exclusively designed to meet the needs of female riders combining the perfect fit with the highest levels of protection.

The fit of the KAN vest is unique as it actually enhances athletic performance thus encouraging the rider to wear and benefit from its ultimate protection for all equine activities

The KAN is designed using a uniquely strong and energy absorbing smart foam which has been proven through extensive testing in both equestrian and motorcycle sports.


Article from the Irish Times

Article from the Irish Times

WENDY McCAUGHAN from Co Down is a clothing designer and keen horsewoman. Her particular niche is designing elegant shirting for women. As someone well used to designing for the female upper body, she had worked with a number of military bulletproof vest manufacturers to help them produce protection that was more female-form friendly.

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Catching the attention of a business blogger!

KanTeq – An example of why a brand is more than just a logo.
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…There are lots on the market but one that particularly caught my eye was the Kan Body Protector. There is much talk on various horsey forums about this body protector (BP) with it being new to the market. Plus those who have one are raving about it. BP’s are not a rider’s favourite piece of gear but Kan wearers actually love wearing it!

…I had the opportunity to try out my Kan yesterday. I can confirm that it really is extremely comfortable and stylish. Fortunately, I didn’t need to experience its safety credentials!

BBC documentary

In this short video Company director and product designer Wendy McCaughan gives you a little more information about the science behind the Kan body protector and you get to see the Kan in action!

Fund raising for  Breast Cancer

Olympic event horse rider Jeanette Brakewell, visited Northern Ireland on Tuesday 17th April 2012 to give an inspiring talk at the ‘Think Pink Rosette!’ event at Montalto House, Ballynahinch.
A member of the multi-medal winning Senior British Event Team for six years Jeanette competed as pathfinder with the legendary Over To You, her incredible equine partner who is the most medalled horse in British Eventing history.
Jeanette was joined by British under 21 Young Rider gold medallist Amy Young, one of the future talents of the eventing world. The event celebrated the launch of the Shock Absorber Bra to equestrians and all proceeds raised at this unique event were donated to the Ulster Cancer Foundation’s (UCF) Think Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which helps to raise awareness and funds to support local women with breast cancer.
This was all made possible with the generous sponsorship by business and commercial insurance brokers Dawson Whyte.
Speaking at the event Wendy said, “The specially designed Shock Absorber Bra is suited for extreme activities, particularly horse riding, and is scientifically proven to reduce breast movement by up to 74%. I am delighted to be launching this product in association with the UCF Think Pink! campaign.  Our whole focus is on the female rider and our customised fitting service means we fit all shapes and sizes. We provide great products that accommodate a woman’s bust shape and introducing the  Shock Absorber bra  is the perfect addition to our product range.
It is so important to protect the breast area too and now we can ensure that every KAN rider will be even more comfortable and able to perform at their best.  Suzi McIlwain, Community Fundraiser, UCF, said,  I am delighted that UCF have been chosen to benefit from the ‘Think Pink Rosette!’ event.  Breast cancer has a phenomenal and often life-altering impact, on the patient as well as their family and friends.
UCF provides a range of services, free of charge, which can make this time of extreme stress a little more bearable and help to improve quality of life.  A huge thank you must go to Wendy McCaughan of Kan Teq and Margaret Annette for organising the event, as well as Northern Ireland’s leading business and commercial insurance brokers Dawson Whyte and the Countryside Alliance, support group for equestrian sport, who have very kindly sponsored this very unique event.

BHS Safety Conference – guest speaker

Wendy, director of Kan Teq and KAN product designer was asked to speak at the British Horse Society Biennial Safety Conference which is being held on Saturday 22 October 2011 at BHS Headquarters in Stareton, Warwickshire.

The conference covered a wide variety of equestrian safety issues and Wendy spoke on  “Innovations in Body Protection – do you really understand the difference in protection available? Do you want to make an informed choice? visit the BHS website

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