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“My Kan was a Christmas present two years ago from my Parents, to go with the unbroken 4 year old I had just purchased. I had always had a Body Protector, but only wore it when I had to as I suffer from Claustrophobia and the restricted feeling it gave me would put me on the verge of a panic attack.

Kirsten Hendry July 2012 ws

However the Kan is totally different, I wore it throughout breaking my horse in, regularly forgetting to take it off and finding myself mucking out in it. Going Cross Country in it is wonderful, I can breath and concentrate on the job in hand, rather than panicking about how restricted my chest feels and I no longer finish puffing from holding my breath the entire way round. I also love the custom fit of it, most Body Protectors aren’t designed for 6ft beanpoles with large chests, but the Kan fits perfectly.

This year I got to test the Kan’s primary function out for the first time, when my horse stopped after a rubbish stride to a big skinny XC fence and fell on to my side on the fence. It wasn’t until afterwards when people kept asking me if I was okay and informing me that I had broken the fence, that I realised I should probably hurt somewhere, but I was absolutely fine. Even the following day, no muscles ached, which was certainly a first for me after a fall!”

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