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Just to let you know that had I not been wearing my Kan on friday night I would now probably be lying in a specialist spinal unit with a broken back!

I was riding my horse for the third time since he had come off box rest with a fracture when he spooked and took off, he apparently whipped round as he reached the arena gate (I don’t remember anything) and I came off, hitting the fence as I did so. When I was on the floor I was unconscious and had a serious seizure.

The paramedics said to my mother in the ambulance that my body protector was without a doubt the best one they had ever seen, they said if only they could design something like that for cyclists they wouldn’t see half the injuries they do.

When I arrived at the hospital the doctors couldn’t work out how they were going to get my body  protector to be cut off! I then had to explain to them how the could un velcro the shoulder pads, then unvelcro the straps under the pads and then by unzipping it they could then log roll me out of it piece by piece! They were incredibly impressed and said it was definitely the best design they had ever seen.

After being examined the doctors were very worried about my neck, they thought I had broken the top  of my neck. My back and stomach however are totally fine, not even any bruising, they said it is purely thanks to my body protector that I am not currently lying in a spinal unit with a broken back and internal bleeding! Ironically before I got on the horse on Friday afternoon I had been telling a few people at the yard how brilliant my Kan is and how it was/is without a doubt the best money I have spent.

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