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The full interview with horse enthusiast and author Michelle Scully on why she wrote her book, the day she will never forget and why she will always wear her KAN bespoke equestrian body protector.

Michelle talks about how horsemanship is now a huge part of her recovery and how that elements of this practice are so relevant to everyday life and everyone.  Taking the time to be mindful of yourself, your surroundings and the people of animals around you.  Listening to those subliminal unspoken signals, which are quite often evident, if we are attuned to listen to them.  And that taking and giving ourselves time to just be, without the rushing around of everyday life is something our culture really needs to get back to.  The mental health of everyone and everything we hold dear requires this.

In the latter part of the interview, Michelle talks about the slow recovery and the lessons of horse riding that her body needed to relearn.  The lessons her mind needed to relearn also, was the confidence she had once lost, something which is paramount and central pillar of Kan Teq.  At Kan teq we understand that performance is directly related to the confidence you have in yourself, your horse and your safety gear.  This is why we have produced the best cross country bespoke equestrian body protector on the market today.  The KAN is three times better than the rest and with that quality gives you the confidence to compete…with whatever you are battling against.




Watch now and listen to a truly remarkable women, take you through her extraordinary journey to recovery and one which Kan Teq and it’s founder Wendy are very proud to be a part of.  We look forward to hearing more amazing stories like this.

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Kanteq with Michelle Scully and KAN equestrian body protector

Kanteq with Michelle Scully and KAN equestrian body protector

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