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KAN body protectors use KNOX motorcycle foam technology - 20 percent more shock absorbent than regular foam.

From its inception through its three year design process the KAN body protector was designed with the highest certification merit in mind.

The Kan body protector is exclusively designed to meet the needs of female riders combining the perfect fit with the highest levels of protection.

The fit of the KAN vest is unique as it actually enhances athletic performance thus encouraging the rider to wear and benefit from its ultimate protection for all equine activities

Protection with motorcycle armour technology

Knox technology
The KAN utilises KNOX HR foam that is 20% more shock absorbent than regular foam.


Its structure is open and closed cells creating convoluted passageways so that trapped air can move freely. When impacted the air is compressed which pushes the foam cells together in the zone where the force is concentrated.

The resulting hardening  effectively absorbs the impact energy and spreads it thus preventing serious injury. It then returns back to its original form ready for use again and again. Traditional protectors are made from PVC Nitrile foam which has a closed cell structure / air bubbles, which on impact deform in order to locally absorb some of the impact energy but also resulting in permanently damaging the foam.

The KNOX HR foam has been tested in both increasing and decreased temperatures and its performance is consistently higher than the PVC Nitriles.

The individually moulded pieces in the design of the body protector allow more protection to be added where it is needed most  “like the points of the shoulder.

The combination of the foam and design result in a wearable and safer vest for the equine athlete.

The KAN has been tested through several research centres. Through the Polymer Processing Research Centre the KNOX foam tested to be 20% higher in impact energy absorption than PVC Nitrile foam. This study also tested body side deflection of the KNOX foam with results showing 22% less impact to body than with PVC nitrile foam.

In addition testing of the design, through Ricotest of Italy, showed the vest passed all categories involving torso coverage, arm, head and torso movement, maximum inspiration and material safety.

Safety, Comfort and performance were repeatedly confirmed through customer testimonials:

It’s fair to say, the Kan body protector, at first sight, seems bulky and quite heavy, the miracle being when you first put the garment on. Kan is an innovative garment for the equestrian world, with the lightweight protector providing maximum support, maximum protection and maximum freedom to breathe and move freely, a task many body protectors fail to match. The protector must be experienced to realize its true potential. The Kan body protector exceeds all expectations.
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