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Kerry Arnold-Herrick

heck out this video of Kerry Arnold- Herrick, director of Middleton Equestrian Centre, in Staffordshire talking about her fall in her Kan Body Protector and the protection she received.

Laura Warren, Oklahoma

Thought I should pop back in again and let you know that I finally was able to ride in my vest…it was wonderful!! Being able to ride again, of course, but the vest seems to be almost perfect

Zoe Woods

I am writing to thank you, for inventing the Kan! My Kan was a talking point and often strangers would come up and ask me about Kan and where they would be able to get such a product? I had no hestitation, and still no hestitation, to tell others where to obtain a Kan as it is by far the best product I have put on me.

Eleanor Barnes-Graham

I absolutely adore the Kan body protector. The attention to detail in the design is evidently enormous. The shape & support it provides is fantastic, it makes me feel very safe which I think nowadays in this sport is imperative.

Jeanette Brakewell Olympic Medal winner

“This body protector allows me to breathe and maintain my own oxygen levels and performance; I find the Kan very comfortable and my movement is not restricted at all”

Nicola Wilson WEG Gold medal winner, July 2010

I put my KAN body protector to the ultimate test. The horse somersaulted and as he rolled over me, I heard my hat crack. He seemed to be on top of me for ages until he struggled to his feet.

Louise Morcom

The paramedics said to my mother in the ambulance that my body protector was without a doubt the best one they had ever seen, they said if only they could design something like that for cyclists they wouldn’t see half the injuries they do.

Su Stewardson

Recently I had the misfortune to fall of my pony at speed hitting a wooden upright fence as I went and then the floor. Luckily for me I was wearing my KAN body protector. At the time of impact and on hearing that horrible sound of bones breaking I wished that my protector covered me from tip to toe.

Christine Winter

I have now had my Kanteq protector for a year and always wear it to ride. At 60 years old I don’t compete in dangerous events, but love to hack in the the beautiful forest where we live, or take part in an occasional pleasure ride.

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