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KAN body protectors use KNOX motorcycle foam technology - 20 percent more shock absorbent than regular foam.

From its inception through its three year design process the KAN body protector was designed with the highest certification merit in mind.

The Kan body protector is exclusively designed to meet the needs of female riders combining the perfect fit with the highest levels of protection.

The fit of the KAN vest is unique as it actually enhances athletic performance thus encouraging the rider to wear and benefit from its ultimate protection for all equine activities

Safety standards

From its inception through its three year design process the KAN body protector was designed with the highest certification merit in mind. Testing was performed on the KNOX foam material through the Polymer Process Research Centre at Queens University, Belfast. The research findings from these tests showed the KNOX HR polyurethane exhibits: 1) greater impact strength, 2) a significantly higher dissipation of energy into the foam during compression and 3) less body side deflection when loaded from the outer side than its PVC nitrile foam competitor. Furthermore, Independent research was commissioned for the KAN, conducted by the School of Sport Studies – Ulster University. Tests were designed to ensure the KAN had achieved its original concept, design and delivery commitments and to gauge satisfaction with its comfort and performance. 89% of riders surveyed found that KAN was better or much better than other brands. Through the independent safety testing house of RICOTEST the vest was tested for and received a pass grade for its design elements including:

  • amount of shoulder and torso coverage
  • separation between foam panels on impact
  • softness of material on wearing
  • absence of bulky buckles or hard edges
  • lack of restriction of arm, waist or head motility
  • ease of use
  • toxicity of materials used

Through the British Equestrian Trade Association the KAN vest has received the highest performance standard of level 3. BS EN 13158:2000, BS EN 13158:2009 and through Ricotest EN: 13158: 2009 level 3 We have listed some of these really important benefits below: 1.Comfort in Breathing The KAN expands and contracts with a rider’s natural breathing and movement. When tired, breathing easily becomes even more important. The KAN allows the rider to take a normal deep breath and this improves overall comfort and safety. 2.Protection & Confidence Risks associated with horse riding are higher than in any other sport. Kan Teq have partnered with Knox Technology, the Market leaders in Body Protection for all high risk sports. By jointly focusing on the needs of lady equestrian riders we have significantly reduced the risk of injury in the event of an accident 3.Quality & Perfect Fit Our many satisfied riders, of all shapes and sizes, testify to their high level of satisfaction of how the KAN fits so comfortably. They can literally forget they are wearing it and its great styling makes it easy to wear comfortably on or off the horse 4.Performance Levels Improved Both Rider and Horse achieve their optimum performance level because the KAN enables the rider to be comfortable, have the best possible flexibility in movement, breathe normally plus the 100% confidence of knowing that they are wearing the best in equestrian body protection.

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