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Sarah Jane gives feedback on her KAN body protector

Looking for a new body protector? This is what our “A Team” member Sarah Jane from Shoestring Eventing thought about the Kan Teq Body Protector..

“I have been wearing a KanTeq body protector for approximately 3 or 4 years now. Like all my bigger purchases I do a lot of research before buying and to my mind the Kan Teq body protector is a class above many others on the market.

It uses a unique foam that is more shock absorbing and that doesn’t degrade with use. The fit (it is designed specifically for the female form) is great and basically each one is made to the individuals unique measurements to give a super fit. It is very comfortable to wear and I will also happily hack out or school in it should I be riding anything sharp or difficult.

I have had a number of falls whilst wearing the Kan and on each occasion its protection has been a factor in preventing any injury. It is one of those essential pieces of kit that I personally wouldn’t swap for anything else on the market. I would recommend anyone to give these a try..”

We are delighted to receive this lovely testimonial from Sarah Jane and appreciate feedback from our numerous KAN devotees – so keep it coming!

Why not give me a call on 0044 7796614754 to discuss size or the foam technology? We fit people from all over the world, which we can do reliably from a simple set of measurements see here for our easy fit size guide. We go the extra mile to understand your bio metrics which allows us to get the fit right every time.

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