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Recently I had the misfortune to fall of my pony at speed hitting a wooden upright fence as I went and then the floor. Luckily for me I was wearing my KAN body protector. At the time of impact and on hearing that horrible sound of bones breaking I wished that my protector covered me from tip to toe.My body received not even a bruise though my pride was much dented. As I brought myself upright and the reality along with the pain hit me like a bolt that this time I was not getting back on to finish the round.

The emergency services were called by which time I had peeled myself out of the protector, as no one is allowed to touch it and was resting a very wobbly arm on it. I thought being injured and in pain I thought I should be the priority but no it was my KAN -they peeled the layers apart, prodded it, even thumped it even though I said it would hurt. So much so that by this time we were fighting over the antinox. I drew the line at putting it back on and modelling it for them when they asked me to!!

On arrival at accident and emergency I created even more of a stir- members of medical staff questioned me, ward sisters visited me to witness this new protector- that was in their Accident and Emergency. I on the other hand continued to scream for pain relief by this time of any sort would do and would even consider bute!

After admission to the ward for a fractured and dislocated shoulder the protector was placed very carefully on the bed. The interrogation continued and by this time had my sales pitch of pat complete with web address and names. Throughout my week stay I had a steady stream of visitors all horse mad, how news travels!

The medical profession were very impressed by your protector and said it was the best that they had seen to date. The collar bone was very well protected whilst allowing freedom of movement, this is often broken in falls like mine yet on this occasion mine was still intact, not even a bruise. The impact was obviously full to the shoulder yet the body region did not even get a bruise or twinge, they were astounded by this.

Thanks to you all for your hard work and keep it up we love it

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