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Sarah Jane Brown aka Shoestring Eventing rates her KAN

Sarah Jane Brown aka Shoestring Eventing rates her KAN

Sarah Jane gives feedback on her KAN body protector Looking for a new body protector? This is what our "A Team" member Sarah Jane from Shoestring Eventing thought about the Kan Teq Body Protector.. "I have been wearing a KanTeq body protector for approximately 3 or 4...

Keileigh More

Keileigh More

KAN fan Keileigh More sent us this great feedback at the start of the year (2015), with an update in May. Keileigh wrote: Just thought I'd let you know that I'm delighted with my new KAN! Thank you very much. Fit feels good. It's very comfortable! More comfortable...

video testimonial – a powerful account of how KAN saved Denise

In the video Denise Gregor shows us the exact spot where she recently fell off her horse and landed on a large rock. She believes if she hadn’t been wearing her KAN she would now be in a wheelchair. As a nurse Denise really understands the risk of injury she could have sustained and was very glad she wearing her KAN!

Shelley Hyam

Shelley Hyam is an Intermediate instructor and she recently saw one of her pupils fall whilst wearing their KAN body protector and was very surprised to see them jump up unscathed!

Jenny from Oxfordshire

Jenny from Oxfordshire in the UK, loves her Kan body protector! It makes her feel safe and is so comfortable she forgets she has it on, mucking out and rugging up her horse before she remembers to take it off! It’s easy to take on and off and fits perfectly.

Kerry Arnold-Herrick

heck out this video of Kerry Arnold- Herrick, director of Middleton Equestrian Centre, in Staffordshire talking about her fall in her Kan Body Protector and the protection she received.

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