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The Reason why we created the KAN body protector and why our customers love it.

Recently here at Kanteq we received this amazing and brave women’s story on her purchase of our equestrian body protector and the following accident that happened years later.  It is safe to say that this is exactly why our creator Wendy spent long and tireless hours researching, designing and creating the best Equestrian Body Protector around and we are just so glad to say that in Diane’s case she was ok in the end.

I write to you with a success story regarding the Kanteq body protector. After a minor accident some years ago, I decided to buy a decent protector and duly found my nearest distributor to try for size. My friend accompanied me and was so impressed with the fit of the item she bought one as well.

Years go by and I have never yet ridden without my protector. Unfortunately, I was involved in a nasty accident on Friday when my horse spooked after a long hack and we parted company. My foot was stuck in a stirrup and I was dragged under the horse. As she tried to move away her back feet (with shoes) caught me in the head resulting in two crescent shaped gashes.

Three days later and 55 hours after plastic surgery I am thankful to be alive to send you this email.
Yes I have 30 stitches, yes I am covered in bruises and yes, psychologically I am finding the whole episode very difficult to deal with. It will probably be some time before I get back in the saddle, if at all but without a doubt, the protector saved my back and probably my life.
When I bought mine I recall it was just over £100 and I notice now they are nearer £300. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Please feel free to share this with colleagues, horsey friends. I think there is definitely a case for some form of legislation insisting on appropriate protection for riding on the road. Fortunately I did everything right; hat, BP, hi-viz, own horse, riding with a companion yet still, I will never know what she saw in the hedge that I didn’t – that’s animals for you!

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for producing such a fantastic product.

Diane Ball

We value our customers and really hate to hear of accidents like these happening, but they do and so we will continue to produce a top quality and life saving piece of essential equestrian kit.  You feel secure, you are secure, you are more confident.

#Safety in Every Detail

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