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I’ll bet you’ve probably seen footage of a Superbike Race, where the rider loses control and is thrown from his machine at speeds in excess of 100mph…

If you are like most people, you probably gasp and wince as the rider does his best to avoid serious injury while being catapulted from his bike, with hardly a split second to prepare for the inevitable. Thankfully, in most cases, riders get up and walk away… virtually unharmed!

They don’t need to think about what the outcome might have been, because they have the kind of protection that allows them to stay focused on what they do best. A lot of things are going through your mind in a split second when a fall occurs. Quick thinking and fast reaction are just a part of it.

It is also the combination of equipment and technology working together to absorb major impact which is protecting the rider from serious injury. KAN Body Armour delivers the same level of protection using KNOX HR Foam, the same foam trusted in Motorcycling, Mountain Biking and Motocross.



Ask any, Top Equestrian Rider and they will tell you…

When they are competing at an event, they must have complete focus, concentration and confidence in themselves.

Everything needs to come together from start to finish in order to deliver a winning performance…

But even with all the training, preparation and hard work, things don’t always go according to plan…

Unfortunately, as with many sporting events, you run the risk of sustaining a serious injury. This is an uncomfortable truth that shouldn’t be taken lightly…

A KAN Body Protector is a unique one of a kind custom designed system that protects your shoulders, torso, spine and internal organs, while at the same time, delivering outstanding comfort and amazing flexibility.

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Perfect Fit

As the KAN is custom fit, we like to go the extra mile and follow up each order with a direct email and phone call. All aspects of your biometrics and usage are taken into consideration so that we get the fit right each time. We can also discuss adjustment of the garment and technical information.

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