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“Thank you for designing such a world class safety product! I wanted to write and let you know that my Kan Teq parcel has arrived safely. (much to my relief and then excitement!) Thank you for the enclosed instructions. Thankfully it fits perfectly!

It was wonderful to actually put it on for the first time and feel how comfortable it is and how it moves as I breathe. Because of the contoured design, it allows me to put my elbows by my sides as I would when I ride, unlike some protectors which stick out or have velcro attachments at the sides.THANK YOU SO MUCH again for everything! Your customer service has been faultless Tthe Kan Teq body protector is truly a quality product from world class safety materials from Knox motorbike armour manufacturers, down to every detail such as the zip, velcro and covering”.

Thank you Sarah, this is wonderful feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to create a video. Below are the fitting instructions that Sarah mentions were helpful.

How to check that the fit is “world class”


The effort of zipping up does take a bit of getting used to and yes I’m afraid there is a knack – this video should help.

The first thing to do is hook your thumbs into the armhole of the KAN and push the panels towards each other. You will actually lift the foam fronts off your chest and push towards your centre front. Tthey should meet without squeezing you, but you should feel a little effort. The garment is supposed to be close contact but must not make you uncomfortable. Please ask someone to zip you up for the first time as we would prefer you to focus on fit rather than getting the knack of the zip at this stage!

If the fronts don’t meet at the base, where the zip begins – it is simply too small, but you do need to stretch the material of the cover when lifting the fronts to try to make them meet.


Once successfully zipped take a very deep diaphragmatic breath. Now feel your ribs push out against the foam shell. you will feel it expand (unless it is too big of course). The feeling of pushing into the shell should be reassuring and good. The elastic cover lets the foams tighten and relax with each breath. Ensure that “the shell” covers the entire rib cage and drops 1” below the bottom ribs.

The KAN that we have sent to you has never been tried on before so it will feel tight at the start. However please bear in mind that your KAN will stretch after a very short space of time. It is designed to be very close contact – similar to the fitting of your riding hat. If you suffer from asthma we would always recommend a larger size, hopefully all that has been established in the fit stage. Please call if you are unsure.


Our moulded foam parts which make up the shock absorbing layer in the KAN have been manufactured by Knox – motorbike armour specialists. The company is based in Cumbria UK. The fact that the panels are contoured to the body ensures fantastic fit and ultimate protection. So the next thing to check is that the shaped back foam panel matches the curves of your back i.e. in the small of your back you feel a supporting shape of the Knox back panel particularly in the hollow.

Please don’t focus on the back length yet, which is the easiest adjustment of the lot. If the small of your back does not feel a match with the moulded back please adjust the shoulder to ensure that the contact is good.

If it all fits then you are good to go – we ask you to trust that the length of this body protector can be longer than others. Obviously we have sent this to you in good faith that it will not hit the cantle of the saddle while riding, but if it does – please call or email – this is SO EASY to fix.

The team at Kan Teq thank you for choosing this (as Sarah says) world class product and we hope it helps you to enjoy many years of happy riding.

Wendy and the team x

world class Charlie Wendy & KAN

Wendy and Charlie




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