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I am writing to thank you, for inventing the Kan!  My Kan was a talking point and often strangers would come up and ask me about Kan and where they would be able to get  such a product? I had no hestitation, and still no hestitation, to tell others where to obtain a Kan as it is by far the best product I have put on me.

Unfortunately, my Kan was stolen while I was at a show as I had taken it off. I set My Kan down and carried on too fetch water for the horses, I returned and it was gone! Gutted, I feel it was such a good purchase ‘a life saver’ in many occassions. Working with young horses you have so many falls, that you think to yourself if that was an ‘ordinary body protector’ I’d be in hospital.  But no matter how many knocks the Kan took, it did NOT loose shape nor did it break, to my surprise!  The foam is supple enough to ride in and it is breathable, even for the hottest of climates too.  It comes as no surprise that the same materials that are used in Airplanes is used to make the Kan! It is incredibly light weight.

But by far the biggest impression the Kan made on me, was the ability for me to take a deep breath as it moved in and out with my body! No other body protector has compared. This is revolutionary for me as a severe Asthmatic, my first fear of putting the Kan on was the thought of having something constrict my breathing, it was by far a large worry for me, the first thing I said I can’t believe this body protector! I was amazed standing in the shop, taking in big deep breaths of air in and out. Well you can only imagine, I did have a bit of an audience! But it really came into it’s own when Kan’s test was on the horse when I need my oxygen to be paramount! Kan has worked for me so well.

I had my Kan for 3 years and trust me the knocks it had and still in one peice. This is definately a product that needs to be adjusted for Children in the Equestrian world as there are so very precious to us as Mothers. When my daughter’s start to ride they will be safe, because thay will be in a Kan!

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